Article about the song X-SPELL from the album SYNΘESIS 2020

WL//WH Video Of The Day: PARADOX OBSCUR “X-Spell”

Athens-based, Greek dark synth duo Paradox Obscur, comprised of Kriistal Ann and Toxic Razor, have unveiled their second single “X-Spell”, taken from the upcoming album ‘SYNΘESIS’, slated for release on March 15, 2020, via Young & Cold Records, accompanied by the related Video directed & filmed by Pavel Vishnevsky.

Leave shame, guilt, and consciousness at the door, let lust, jealously and synthetic substances absolve wrongful actions in an embracing escape from the confines of life’s tedious rules!

Unfocused bass desire pulses like a predator, while slurred clashes and arrhythmic futuristic samples fuse with undulating synth layers rising in drone alarm, as subdued detached anticipatory female vocals rise releasing breathy gasps of exhalation, laced with angry disgust as wickedly addictive baseline throbs rhythmically underfoot.

Lyrics cryptically describe an urge so strong that it defies all logic and fear, as a woman becomes vexed by a taboo object of desire, causing her to go against society’s law to embrace her inner nature in a triumphant, uninhibited declaration of unrestricted indulgence.

Shiny, flashy, bold, and extravagant underground lifestyle illustrated using a dangerously carefree night in the discotheque, where glamour, vanity, and excessive superficiality flourish under flashing lights to create a jagged flow of discontinuity, as a platinum blonde leisurely writes “X-Spell” on the mirror with classic red lipstick. A breathing blob of blood-red lava shifts the scene to a prideful pill-popping clique slipping into an altered state of ecstatic reality, while luxuriously dancing to oblivion.  Skewed photography angles exaggerate the warped nature of pride mixing with unstable shadows to form a dizzying visual disturbance of spinning, blurred, sickly faces underneath the drug-induced haze of inconsequential freedom.

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